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Emergent curriculum is the heart of what we provide for our children. Emergent curriculum is a way of planning curriculum based on the child and teacher's interest and passion. Flexibility and creativity are the key components of this program. The program has been designed to enhance learning and develop Social Skills & Diversity, Emotional Skills, Cognitive Abilities, Communication, Language & Literacy, Physical Health, Imagination & Creativity in a fun and safe environment. Our program encourages children to develop their skills from initial exposure through to mastery under the caring support of our early childhood educators. Activities both inside and outside the classroom are designed to provide opportunities for practice and are linked to each child’s unique pace of progress by measurable expected outcomes. We promote the process of learning as a group effort where educators and parents work together to help children reach their full potential.

Learning Areas

Our responsibility to the children in our care is to make every day a new experience and challenge. The North Star Child Development Centre curriculum focuses on learning based on social skills and diversity, emotional skills, cognitive abilities, communication, language and literacy, physical health, imagination and creativity. The program enables children to learn about themselves, others and the world around them.

Children are exposed to a socially inclusive and culturally sensitive environment, where social responsibility is nurtured. Children are taught to respect diversity and appreciate their own uniqueness and that of others. Children learn how to be emphatic, co-operative, helping, and how to develop friendships.
Children experience a safe and caring environment where their emotional health, positive self- identities and sense of belonging are fostered. Children develop a sense of self and a sense of others. Children learn to form trusting, respectful relationships.
Children experience open and flexible environments where playful exploration and problem solving are encouraged. Children test their limits, learn the dynamics of working together, and develop different strategies to identify and work out problems. Children also learn to question, observe and inquire about the world around them.
Children experience intellectually, socially and culturally engaging environments where their speech, language, literacy and social communication skills are valued and supported. These skills are developed through classroom activities, peer interaction, and active play.
Children experience safe and caring environments where physical health and positive lifestyle choices are promoted and encouraged. Children explore body and movement, develop gross and fine motor skills, learn about food and nutrition, and are taught to take responsibility for personal care.
Children are exposed to open and flexible environments where imagination and creativity are encouraged through dramatic play, music, dance, arts and crafts. Children create imaginary scenarios in which they explore new possibilities. Children are encouraged to create something new and original.

Our Programs

North Star Child Development Centre believes that each stage of a child’s learning and development forms the foundation for the next. Learning begins at birth and during the first five years children experience very rapid brain development and acquire more skills and knowledge than in any other period in their lives. We strongly believe in the importance of investing in early foundation years. Through our program children learn to express themselves, engage in individual and group interactions and use classroom materials purposefully and productively. Our program set-up conducive to learning through opportunities for small group activities and encourage each child’s natural curiosity. The program focuses on staff participation as nurtures and learning partners in each child’s play experiences and our educators are engaged in doing careful observation and documentation of all the varying milestones in each child’s life to ensure age-appropriate development. Through age-appropriate activities, children develop and enhance their skills, giving them a stronger foundation for future and lifelong love of learning.

  • Infant /Baby Program
Infant /Baby Program

Babies grow and learn every day. Our goal is to provide a safe and nurturing” home away from home” where babies can explore and make new discoveries. Our focus is to build meaningful relationships with our families by recognizing and acknowledging the needs of each individual child. Infants feel secure and safe in our environment. Our program creates a strong foundation to support his or her rapidly developing social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth. A schedule is posted for Babies room activities, which we use as a guide throughout the day, however we respect that infants often have their own schedules. We know that learning through play is extremely valuable at this age and our infant program is designed to give babies the skills that will serve as the building blocks for a lifetime of learning. Infants are exposed to activities in the areas of literacy, mathematics as well as science to encourage; self-expression, listening, exploration & discovery, identification / recognition, and problem solving. We provide physical activities and healthy lifestyle education while children are in our care. Our program includes: arts, dramatic play, music, dance, creative movement, culture & heritage. Infants are exposed to developmentally appropriate activities in these key areas to help support social, emotional and cognitive growth.

  • Toddler Program
Toddler Program<

As toddlers develop friendships, self-esteem and curiosity. Our Toddler program will help them explore their world in a safe and nurturing environment, while the focus is still largely on their primary care, toddlers begin to take their first steps towards greater independence. We promote their development through play and natural exploration of their surroundings. Our program is based on the philosophy that children learn best through experiences so each day is filled with fun activities that excite and develop toddlers, giving them the comfort and confident to speak those first few words, as well as make their first friends. While much of a toddler’s world is all about “me”, we begin to lay the basis for positive social interaction and support his or her positive relationships with peers. Toddlers are encouraged to become independent and work hard at doing things for themselves. They gain a tremendous sense of pride and positive self-esteem when they discover that they can do it! Toddlers are exposed to activities in the key learning areas of literacy, mathematics, and science that will encourage; self-expression, listening, exploration & discovery, identification & recognition, and problem solving. We provide physical activities and healthy lifestyle education while children are in our care. Toddlers are exposed to developmentally appropriate activities in these key areas to help support social, emotional and cognitive growth. At this age, children are making new discoveries daily. Our program is prepared to open their eyes to a world of learning, sharing and exploring. Our holistic approach in the classroom engages young minds with a blend of music, art, dramatic play, dance, creative movement, culture and heritage and delivers the early education fundamentals.

  • Preschool Program
Preschool Program

As preschoolers gain more self-esteem, they may feel ready to take on the world. Our preschooler program enhances that confidence by providing activities to help children become problem solvers and lifelong learners. Preschool room is equipped with age and developmentally appropriate learning materials. Activities reflect the interests of the group and are often child directed. As children engage in the activities that interest them, their feedback allows staff to build meaningful learning opportunities based on each child’s individual needs. Children are exposed to activities through independent exploration, structured activities and hands-on learning, children will work on early learning literacy, mathematics, science and social concepts that will encourage; self-expression, listening, exploration & discovery, identification & recognition, and problem solving. We provide physical activities and healthy lifestyle education. A healthy dose of running, jumping and dancing keeps them active while children are in our care. Children are exposed to developmentally appropriate activities in the field of art, music, dance, dramatic play, creative movement, culture and heritage to help support social, emotional and cognitive growth.

  • KinderGarten Program
KinderGarten Program

As children reach school age, our comprehensive full/half day kindergarten program helps them explore, communicate and create-all in a nurturing, small-class setting. In our School Ready Program, students play an active role in their learning process. Emergent curriculum approach helps children encourage themselves to become independent, responsible, and confident learners, developing a solid foundation for future success in school. Kindergarten program is delivered through activities which include: free play, music, dance, guided play, large and small group activities, and outdoor exploration. Our team of expert educators encourage and promote positive social interaction among children and develop the many tools necessary to enhance the skills of reading, language, arts, mathematics, science and physical fitness in a fun way to ensure a positive transition to “big” school and a lifelong love of learning.

  • Before and After School Program
Before and After School Program

Tailored to the interests and needs of school-age children, our program features a wide variety of engaging age-appropriate activities. Children are exposed to activities in the areas of literacy, art, mathematics, science, listening, exploration & discovery, identification & recognition to encourage self-expression and problem solving. Activities are based on “Project approach” that involves a sustained, in depth exploration of events or objects in the child’s environment and is carried out in such a way that children are encouraged to raise questions and search for answers about a topic that holds their interest. Children enjoy and explore the world around them.