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Frequently asked questions!

Our Centre is typically open from 6:30am - 6:00pm.
Our centre hours are Monday – Friday 6:30am-6:00pm. Drop off time is before 9:45am as that gives the child time to adjust and engage in activities with the classroom before lunch and nap/quiet times and parents are expected to pick up their children by 5:45 pm to allow educators time to prepare the centre to close by 6pm.
Yes, we do. Please have all your information in place prior to commencing. Please visit https://www.alberta.ca/child-care-subsidy.aspx
You are encouraged to visit the center with your child before your child starts. You and your family will meet all the staff and you can enjoy the daily routine with your child in our child care. We will support you as a parent/guardian to deal with all difficult scenarios during the whole process, and we will do everything to make your child’s transition to child care a positive experience. Please note that every child is different and adaptation for each is various, some children integrate quickly, while others will take a few weeks to adapt.
This number varies depending on the child’s age. We follow the government regulations for staff to child ratios.
Provide 2 changes of clothes. Also send appropriate attire for the season, as children will be playing outside throughout the day i.e. hat, mittens, socks, sweater, snow pants etc.
Send an email to the centre or converse with educators at drop-off and pick-up times.
At North Star Child Development Centre we believe in positive approaches in guiding young children. The methods that we use for preventive and intervention strategies are as follows: redirection/positive reinforcement, natural consequences, consistency, problem solving with children, giving choices and monitoring & observing behaviours.
Yes. The staff will ensure a parent knows what is going on with their child. Parents will receive constant updates from staff, this maybe through direct communication with the educators.
Parents are notified whenever an incident occurs with their child. An incident report is filled out for parents to sign. If the injury is serious,a call will be made to the parent/guardian immediately.
The centre follows the government regulations for illnesses, children who exhibit any of the following symptoms will not be accepted for care: fever, diarrhea, vomiting, infection, persistent coughing, swollen glands, unidentified rash, pain/aches, chicken pox, etc. or have been diagnosed with a contagious condition. If your child becomes sick while at the centre, you will be notified and required to arrange pick up of your child. Children can return to the centre after being symptom free without the aid of medication for 24 hours. Additionally, during times of elevated infection risk or pandemic the centre takes increased measures.
We are a NUT FREE facility.
Each classroom has access to the outdoor play space twice a day (weather permitting). Once in the morning and once in the afternoon. As well as the classrooms go on community walks and to nearby playgrounds.
Yes. You are required to list the individuals who are permitted to pick up your child on the registration form. If someone who does not typically pick up your child is picking them up, let the Centre know either in writing or by phone call. They will be required to show valid picture identification.
Yes, we will. The medication must be in the original bottle or package, labeled with the child's name, dosage, time etc. If your child may need emergency treatment such as an Epi-pen or inhaler, we require you to provide a doctor’s note and we will keep it in the child's file. Further, you as a parent/ guardian are required to complete the medication form for your children.
All Staff are qualified in Early Childhood Education, First Aid and Child Intervention Check. We ensure Alberta Standards are met and often exceeded. We also ensure staff go through regular training and development.